Hair loss restoration treatment procedures

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Hair Loss Restoration Treatment Procedures

The success of any hair loss surgery treatment largely depends upon hair transplantation procedures adopted during the hair restoration surgery. With the emergence of single follicular unit hair transplants as the standard for hair transplant surgery, the hair loss treatment procedures have become more or less standardized in different clinics. A good hair restoration surgeon always uses only these standardized hair loss treatment procedures to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. The standard restoration treatments provide a good hair loss control and permanent balding cures. Good preparation or pre-hair restoration care for the surgical hair restoration is also part of the standard hair restoration treatment procedure.

The following articles provide you the in-depth information about the standard hair loss restoration treatment procedures adopted during the hair restoration surgery. Once you understand these procedures, you are in a better position to question your hair transplant surgeon during the interview and can expect a better control of your hair loss .

Standard hair restoration treatment procedures

An overview of hair transplant restoration:
If you don't have time to read the other pages on hair restoration, this page will give you the bare bones about hair restoration and hair transplants and why they work.

Planning the hair transplant donor site:
The first phase of the hair transplant involves planning the donor site, preparing the site, and actually taking the donor skin from which the hair follicles for grafting will be dissected.

Iisolating the hair transplant grafts ready for implantation:
Once the donor skin for grafting has been cut from the donor site, it must be microdissected to isolate the grafts ready for implantation. In modern procedures the grafts are usually dissected into "follicular units" of one to four hair follicles clusters.

Hair transplant recipient site preparation and implantation:
Once the hair follicles from the donor site have been prepared ready for implantation, the recipient site is prepared, incisions made, and the grafts inserted into the skin.

Laser hair transplant:
Reason for laser hair transplant failing as a hair transplant procedure. Why it is better to have a conventional hair transplant procedure.