The site offers in-depth and objective information about Hair Restoration Surgery

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Hair Restoration Advice - a Comprehensive Resource on Hair Transplantation

This website is brought to you by HairRestorationAdvice, an organization dedicated to providing in-depth and objective information about hair restoration surgery and cosmetic surgeons. Most of the contributors to HairRrestorationAdvice, are previous patients of plastic and hair transplant surgery.

During our research for this website we came across several startling facts about the hair restoration surgery that have served as a foundation not only for this site, but also several other related sites; each dealing with one or more aspects of hair transplant surgery.

We want to share the observations that prompted us to develop this site with you so that you can appreciate and understand the content in more objective manner.

Our Observations:

· Results of hair transplantation procedures were mixed and ran the gamut from 'incredible' to 'very unsatisfactory.'

· People often lacked the right information that would help them to make right decisions about surgeons and procedures.

· While there is a lot of information on the Internet, it was overwhelming in some ways, and under-whelming in others. With all is said and done, decisions are often made without enough information.

Many hair restoration surgeons that we know communicated that there was a definite need for an exhaustive, quality-based resource that provided information about the procedures - especially since there is so much information on the Internet, but most of the information was theoretical or highly technical and was beyond the comprehension of most people.

We did everything we could to overcome these issues and we hope we have made learning about hair restoration surgery a lot easier. Offering practical and objective help and advice for each and every aspect of hair restoration surgery has been the most challenging milestone for us to achieve.

We are happy that the website fulfills the organization's mission by providing the best, most objective, and comprehensive information about cosmetic surgery procedures and surgeons in the hair transplantation industry so that people don't fall prey to unscrupulous doctors or quacks posing as hair restoration specialists.