Be careful with your hair growth treatment; choose a good hair restoration clinic.

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Hair Growth Treatment – choosing the best option

Once you decide to have hair growth treatment at a hair restoration clinic, there are many things that you should keep in mind before you fall as an easy prey unscrupulous hair transplant surgeon at an incompetent, commercially oriented hair restoration clinic. Any dermatologist can attend a course that lasts a few days and leave supposedly fully qualified to conduct hair transplants; but remember that performing hair restoration procedures is a specialized skill which cannot be acquired just by any one. It requires a great deal of experience on the part of hair restoration surgeon to perform hair growth treatment surgery that meets the expectations of its patients. The decision to undertake hair growth transplant surgery at a hair restoration centre should be an educated one; whether it is about the hair transplant procedures or the creditability of the hair restoration clinic and its staff – the hair transplant surgeon,and nurses or technicians helping a hair transplant surgeon at the hair restoration clinic.

The following articles have been written specially to educate people on how to find a good hair restoration clinic and surgeon.

How can you choose the credentials of a hair transplant surgeon

Dos and don'ts of hair restoration:
An overview of what to look for when choosing the right hair transplant clinic for you.

Finding a good hair transplant clinic:
Unfortunately there are hair transplant clinics out there that do a bad job. This page gives some ideas and tips on how to identify a potentially good hair restoration clinic and reduce the chances of ending up with a bad hair transplant.

Choosing a hair restoration surgeon:
The most important decision facing the hair transplant candidate is that of choosing a qualified surgeon. There are many important considerations which must be taken into account when making your choice.

Affordable hair transplant costs:
Hair restoration may seem expensive but compared to the costs of hair growth promoting drugs used year after year, hair transplantation may be the cheaper option!

Verifying your surgeon's license to practice:
You may want to verify that the prospective surgeon for your hair transplant is in good standing with the state medical board where he/she is operating, The board can tell you if he has a current license to practice, is fully insured, and whether there are any complaints against him.

Verifying your surgeon's hair restoration accreditations and certifications:
You may want to verify that the prospective surgeon for your hair transplant is an expereinced surgeon. You can check wit the American Medical Association and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Your surgeon's society memberships:
Your propspective hair transplant surgeon may belong to one or more hair restoration or plastic surgery societies and organizations. Here is what that membership actually means.